Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Sunday project

I wanted to make myself a little bag to take to my quilting classes that would be strong enough to stand up open on its own so it was easy to grab what I needed.  Also just as easy to put things back when I'm finished.  Its really easy to get your things mixed up with others when everyone is using the same work space.
I saw this bag batting at the shop and I was keen to have a play with it.  Its very stiff but still flexible enough to spring back into shape if its been squashed.  There must be an easy way to work with this stuff but I have no idea how!  I don't really have much experience making bags and this batting was so bulky and stiff to get under the machine. It did exactly what I wanted it to do but what a mission!  Here I was thinking it would be done in an hour but it took a little longer.......and its pretty dodgy lol but it will serve the purpose.

I put some pockets in the side and and an elastic strap to hold my scissors and pens.  I will test drive it tomorrow and see how she goes :)
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Laura Ann said...

That's lovely. Do u sell these ?

twomonkeys fabrics said...

Hi Laura, not at this stage. I would need to improve the pattern befoer I thought of selling them lol. Amanda at appleberry kids sells great bags :)

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