Monday, November 21, 2011

It's all happening!!

That's right!! we have sold the house :) and we have bought another one! So my life is a little crazy right now which is why I have not been getting enough facebook and pinterest to keep my satisfied, let alone sewing time! We only have just under four weeks until we settle so  I'm going to keep this short and sweet as I have so much to do but I wanted to share with you what I have found while embarking on the mammoth task I have of sorting out my house.
I opened 'the box' know the one we all have that we keep of little things we cant seem to part with and over the years of sorting through it, it gets smaller and smaller.  Well 'the box' for me is pretty small now I have sorted through it for the first time in eight years.  I'm not a hoarder and I cant bare to have things sitting around I don't have a use for.  This can sometimes bite me in the butt, but its not very often I regret decluttering....and considering how many times I have moved over the past six years, its happens often lol.  So anyway, this is the box that has been sitting in the mother in laws shed and I thought it was about time to go through it.  The first thing I did after sneezing a million times from the dust was smile, not just a regular smile, one of those smiles you get when you get taken back in time from possessions you have kept through your life because they have bought you so much joy.

I have letters from friends and family.  Some are so funny to read and I will cherish them forever. I even have a postcard sent to me from someone who was very important to me when I was growing up and she has since died of cancer.  I didn't even know I still had it and it bought tears to my eyes.  What makes me sad is I cant remember the last time I wrote a letter..... What makes me even sader is our kids wont have these keepsakes to treasure unless we encourage them to put pen to paper.

My now husband use to send me roses ALL the time and for no other reason but to make me smile.  Some times he would sneak up to my car and put one in my wiper blades to surprise me when I finished work.  It was quite an effort as he had a big service truck and had to come in the back way and park up the street so I wouldn't see him. You forget these things until something like this brings it all back like it was yesterday.  I have kept just about every card I got with my flowers....back in the day.  I can assure it doesn't happen now!

Once upon a time The Trading Post was printed on paper for private sellers only! My husband, like very other male in Queensland rarely missed a copy.  For some reason I tore this off the front page and have kept it.  To this day its as relevant as it was back then, just for different reasons.
My Beatrix Potter books.  These speak for themselves.

This was one of my favourite golden books when I was a little girl and it has inspired me once again...but this time its fabric inspiration!!

For now I have packed it all away in preparation for our move and I'm sure I wont open it for another eight years but I was meant to open this box and look through it.  It has reminded me to contact some dear friends I have not spoken to for a long time and also made me realise how important it is for me to keep things like this for my boys as they age.  I have been sorting and throwing books and toys if there broken and things they don't play with anymore.  If this golden book was in my stack, I probably would have put it in the lifeline pile.  As a mother of two young boys with way too much stuff, to me this looks like rubbish.  But as an adult that's childhood was a lifetime ago, its priceless.

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I'll be thinking of you as you embark on the next chapter... I hope we will remain good friends eventhough you are just a teeny bit further away! : )

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