Monday, April 25, 2011

A VERY long weekend

We were all gearing up for the long Easter weekend this year being that it was a 5 day holiday.  Planning projects, dinners, drinks. Dusting the floor with Easter bunny footprints and hiding eggs for the 6am treasure hunt.  Then more importantly it was Anzac day, a day to remember all the fallen and the men and women still serving overseas to protect our country and our unbeatable way of life. It’s a sad day but at the same time I feel so proud to live in a country with men and women of such courage.  Lest we forget.
So now it’s all come to an end and I can’t say I’m sad......  You know the saying too much of a good thing can be bad?  Well it’s true!! Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys and hubby but it’s time to go back to work and kindy and give mummy some peace!  We started our Easter break early and headed out with camper in tow before the Easter madness.  I love going on holidays but I’m not one for crowded noisy places.  I much prefer to head away when I can be selfish and have the place we stay to ourselves- if you know what I mean.  So keeping this in mind we have been together for 3 weeks by the time work and school start back for us on Thursday and that’s just too much lovin for me....  I really need to get some work done and things to return to normal.  Nathan is getting so bored and driving me crazy! and to say it nicely....Michael needs to go back to work!!! For his own safety.  Add an overload of chocolate and you have total meltdowns from mr4 who’s attitude can’t be described nicely.  So for me Thursday can’t come soon enough! Anyone else feeling my pain...
Even though I’m glad it’s over, it was good well it lasted.  I thought I might share some of the things we got up to over our VERY long Easter break

Im really like to make old thing new again when I get some spare time.  These old chairs were destined for the dump but I have bought them back to life and they are looking good. Not bad for $13 worth of fabric and a bit of time (2 days with kids, 2 hours without).

I hope you all had a wonderful easter and enjoyed a vino ot two like I did:)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So this is it.... The start of a whole new chapter in my life.  For alot of us we don’t really know what it is we want to do with our lives.  For me, I know I wanted to b a mum and I am lucky enough to have two monkeys to keep me on my toes.  Nathan is the first born, he is 4 and Ryan is my baby and he’s 18 months.  I share my little monkeys with my amazing husband Michael who works extremely hard for me to be able to stay at home and build my business.  But that’s pretty much where it ended; I never knew what I really wanted to do....
I spent my working years in pharmacy before I had the boys and can’t say I was ever content with my choice of career.  I branched out to a few different things over the years but didn’t have any success with finding a fulfilling career.  I always knew once I had my kids I didn’t want to go back to a job I hated and it was my goal to find what it was I really wanted to do with my life.  I love to sew and have ‘just a little’ fabric addiction (which is normal if you ask any crafty mummy).
After I had Ryan I started making baby accessories and pram covers for myself.  As you know, people start asking if you can make something for them.  I enjoyed making things to sell but with two small children, time at the sewing machine was a task.  To cut a long story short the interest in the fabric overtook the interest in what I was making, hence twomonkeys fabric shop was born!
It’s such a pleasure selling fabric.  Every time I pick up a bolt to cut an order, I still feel the fabric and the quality and get the same pleasure I did when I packed my first order but as time went on I was disappointed in the lack of unique fabrics available wholesale, especially from Australia.  I am a strong believer in supporting Australian business and really wanted the majority of my stock to be from Australian designers but it just wasn’t possible to find the novelty fabrics I like to stock from Australia.
SO this is the beginning!! I have spent the past nine months developing and printing my own range of fabrics! To say I’m a little excited and proud of myself is an understatement lol.   I have started with five designs that will be available retail by 1st August and will release another eight designs later in the year.  I would love to print all my designs at once but believe me, cash flow won’t allow it lol but slow and steady is the way and by the end of next year I will have LOTS of designs to choose from J  Twomonkeys is moving away from mainstream fabrics and will become an exclusive modern Australian fabric store.  It has been a fun, stressful but most of all, a completely fulfilling learning curve to get to this point and I have to say, I have found what it is I am meant to do with my life.
I hope more than anything you love my fabrics and share your creations with me.  This is the first entry on my blog and I hope you stick around to follow my journey both personal and professional.  I can be a little candid and not much is off limits so be aware! but it’s all in fun and laughter, so never take me too seriously....
Are you ready to jump onboard my rollercoaster....? I have to warn you, there are a few screws loose;)
                                                 This is a little sneak peak of whats to come :)