Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Sneak Peak...

Here is a little sneak peak of my designs on fabric:) I would love for you to comment and tell me if you like what you can see on you screen.  This is the first photo of actual fabric I have published.  Its really getting just a little bit exciting now!! Sooo tell me what you think??

Sunday, June 12, 2011

About me..

Starting my blog has meant I have had to write content for others to read for the first time in my life and I have alot to learn about creative writing.  I hope once I dust off the cobwebs and get a little bit more confident, I won’t send you to sleep.  I love reading on other peoples blogs, 100 things about me so I thought I would give you all an insight to the kind of disfunctional person I am.
 So here it goes......
 About me. 
1.       I am 30 years old.
2.       I am married to Michael. We have been married for 7 years and together for 12.
3.       I have two sons Nathan 4 and Ryan 18mths.
4.       Both my labours were too quick for any drugs and both boys were over 4kg.
5.       There is no way I am going back for a third....I made sure of that and got hubby ‘fixed up’ J
6.       My kids are chalk and cheese.  Nathan is full on and is so naughty and Ryan is a lazy little bugger! Barely gets off the lounge to play with the toys but is a stubborn little monkey.
7.       I didn’t finish school and every educational course I have taken since I left, I haven’t completed. It’s just not in me, I’m far too visual and hands on to sit in a chair and listen.
8.       I was a VERY bad teenager (ask my parents).
9.       I love sushi, I love anything with rice.
10.   I drink white but when the heat is on, anything goes.
11.   I change my hair all the time but I’m never happy with it
12.   I swear too much.
13.   I love to sew and create but listen to foo fighters and powderfinger.
14.   I’m not sure what personality I am, I have too many.
15.   I forget the shopping list every time I go shopping and get the shits before I even start.
16.   I hate any form of shopping these days, even more when I have the kids with me.  I am just not a big on shopping centres. Give me online shopping anyday!
17.   But I do love quilt shops
18.   I love to cook but hate cooking dinner.
19.   I aspire to have a sense of style but dress like a hobo and never spend money on clothes and shoes for myself.  I really want that to change (don’t we all).
20.   I love road trips. My kids are pretty good in the car if they have dvd players; I’m not one for eye spy. Those games haunt me from my childhood christmas road trips.
21.   I move around alot.  My husband works in the mines and is still looking for that greener grass which can be so frustrating.
22.   I write notes everywhere and can never find them.
23.   I have to be organised and know what I’m doing.
24.   I use the ‘forgot your password’ option alot!
25.   It took close to 3 years to fall pregnant with Nathan and it consumed 3 years of my life worrying about it. I wish I had used those child free years so much better.
26.   I am a terrible sleeper and don’t get enough of it.  I crave the day I can sleep past 6am again.
27.   Being a mother is rewarding but friggin hard work!
28.   Running a business and being a mother, wife and peace keeper is even harder.
29.   My biggest fear is failure.
30.   I am terrified of heights but want to go in a hot air balloon.
31.   I know what I want and I don’t give up until I have it.
32.   I hate fake people.
33.   I love lilies and tulips.
34.   I don’t play the “keeping up with the Jones’s” game.
35.   Some of my best friends and family live too far away.
36.   Can’t wait to travel around Australia.
37.   I only like writing on clean crisp paper. Bad for the environment I know.
38.   I really want vege gardens and chooks.
39.   I don’t have any pets, but I want to get a cat.
40.   I hate housework but can’t stand a dirty house.
41.   I drink way too much coffee.
42.   I eat heaps of chocolate.
43.   I love food! Real fresh food.
44.   I hate fast food. Not saying I don’t eat it but I don’t like it.
45.   My husband and I used to eat out all the time before we had the kids and now we never do, I miss that.
46.   I have a seafood allergy because I have had really bad seafood poisoning twice. Both times from a restaurant.
47.   I hate my teeth.
48.   Money determines everything.
49.   I hate picking up toys so I don’t... and every time I trip over them, it’s always something like buzz lightyear! Never a soft toy.
50.   I really really love fabric.
51.   And linen
52.   I love retro Tupperware, the new stuff is crap.
53.   The cost of living is more than I can afford.
54.   I hate debt, it freaks me out.
55.   I don’t really watch tv.
56.   I wish I could chill out, sit back and watch a good movie but I just don’t for some reason.
57.   I am always on a diet or thinking of diet and exercise.  It bothers me I worry so much about it but I can’t help it.
58.   I hate clutter.
59.   My kids love to dance to Pink before bed.
60.   I don’t see the attraction to having a fancy car if you can’t afford it.
61.   I worry everyday I’m not a good enough mother.
62.   I waste too much time on facebook.
63.   I love my family more than anything.
64.   I am a terrible speller.
65.   I am a no frills kind of girl.
66.   I talk too much.
67.   I am impulsive
68.   I only procrastinate the big decisions.
69.   I need to get out more.
70.   It wouldn’t hurt for me to do a bit of ironing here and there.
71.   I am a realist.
72.   I love thick soft grass under my feet.
73.   I’m a winter person.
74.   I love winter food.
75.   I am easily distracted.
76.   I say it how it is.
77.   I don’t get the turtle neck, blazer and denim look...
78.   I don’t understand how men can sit on the toilet and read for so long!!
79.   I love camping short breaks.
80.   I am a Sagittarius.
81.   I love the beach but not keen on swimming in the ocean.
82.   I love quilting more than any other form of sewing and craft.
83.   I have a new found love of photography.
84.   My kids are growing up too fastL
85.   My dream house has timber floors, white walls, and bi-fold doors with verandas that wrap the whole way around and looks over the hills or ocean....Like I said, my DREAM house.
86.   I have just discovered pinterest....more wasted time but so addictive.
87.   May I mention again, I love fabric!!
Are you all still awake?? I didn’t quite make it to 100 things but hey, no one’s perfect.   I don’t think I’m much different to most people and really not very exciting that’s for sure!  But now you know a little bit about the person behind the fabric in an online worldJ
Until next time J

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Its getting closer!!

I have ordered some basics to coordinate with my first release of fabrics.  I would have loved to print my own coordinating fabrics with this first range but cash flow would not allow me:( BUT the next release due in November has you can wait for a squiz!! I am in love with them!  These fabrics work well with whats coming in august and will be available for sale.....I promise I wont use it all!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just what I needed ;)

Well you know I have a severe mild cold and im feeling pretty crappy.  All I want to do is sleep.

And I have been a crabby cow at the kids all day.

 So what better thing to do than treat myself to something that I have been eyeing off for while and I really want....

I bought myself a swanky new camera and I instantly felt better!!

If you have seen it around, dont tell my husband how much it cost...please :)

And if he asks, I shall look the other way.

But hey, its a tax write off! I have it all figured out ;)

I look sooo sooo bad right now but everyone else is in bed and I just had to have a play with my new found love.  Off to bed for me!!!
Bye for now xx

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I just wanted to be on time!!

Well I would like to say today was out of the ordinary but it wasn’t.  It was out of the ordinary being that I was meeting Pauline from Funky Friends Factory at Ikea for a morning of coffee, adult conversation and a hint of shopping but the events that unfolded leading up to getting were pretty standard.
It all started way too easy (I should have smelt a rat), Ryan slept until 6.30am which never happens and Nathan woke up relatively decent and polite and at this stage of his life is rare.  On with the morning coffee and hot milos along with abs4kids (oh how I love you).  Then it all started with breakfast, Ryan decided his wheet bix looked better on the floor than in his bowl. So I made him toast which he didn’t eat either; whatever, go hungry!  Nathan had a meltdown because I wouldn’t let him slice the avocado, he mauls the whole thing and they are two bucks each!  With breakfast over I packed lunches for kindy and nannas, then Nathan starts with the 300 questions of where I’m going and why am I packing a bag for Ryan: this leads to me telling endless lies because if I tell him Ryan is going to nannas than all hell would have broken loose! 
My Jeans aren’t dry for something different so I throw then in the dryer.  I make it to the shower for 30 seconds (any longer and the house may be burnt down), then Nathan comes running in:
Nathan: Mum, Mum its bin day, I can hear the bin truck
Me: That’s right it is bin day, that’s ok daddy always put the bins out.
Nathan: No he didn’t, I can’t see them
Me: Are you telling me the truth or are you just being silly because I’m trying to have a shower.
Nathan: No daddy didn’t put the bins out.
Dam it! So I dry myself off, throw my pj's back on and say to him if he’s telling fibs (he’s doing alot of this) than I’m going to be so mad.  Run down the hallway, stick my head out the laundry door.....He was telling the truth, Michael didn’t put the bloody bins out!!
Come back inside, Iron my jeans and make it back to the bathroom to get ready.  Make up on, hair done and I’m dressed.  My time was up as far as they were concerned and Ryan comes into the bathroom in whinge mode, put his hands up because he wants be to pick him up and wipes peanut butter all over my jeans!!  I was so pissed off; I knew I should have taken that toast off the table!  So off with the jeans and on with whatever was clean and dry.
Kids dressed, stinky nappy changed, bags packed and in the car without a minute to spare.  Man I was glad to get in the car! I just wanted to get out of the house for a while.
Then......the car wouldn’t start!!  You have to be shitting me!  Yep flat battery! What next!!  I ring mum, tell her she has to come to my place and look after Ryan so I can take her car and drop Nathan at kindy and get to Ikea.  She agrees (good on ya mum!).   I get Nathan to Kindy half an hour late and race up to Ikea and I pulled into the car park at 10.02am!  I would like to thank queensland police for that lack of police presence on the road this morning,  I will make it up to you by sticking to the speed limit from now on and if you did happen to click me than its ok, I was in mum’s carJ
After my morning of mayhem, I was keen for that coffee!  We had a lovely morning dreaming in Ikea then fabric hunting in spotlight, we need to do it again!  I was a good girl and controlled myself knowing I had to buy a battery on the way home; there goes another $160!  I had to pick Nathan up from school early because I had no other way of picking him up later, then headed home to once again....complete chaos.
How was your day?