Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sun Kissed Hat

I don't get much of a chance to make things out of my girl designs being that I have two boys so it was nice to sew this great new Make it Perfect pattern with my Berry Munch and Floral Magic fabrics.  This is the new Sun Kissed Hat pattern and it is such a simple pattern to make and super quick!  I always try to use the least amount of fabric possible when cutting patterns as I hate to waste fabric and I managed to make this hat out of two quarter metre pieces.  The pattern states you will need 45cm of your main and lining fabrics which you will need if you make the hat larger than a medium.  I made this hat to medium and it just squeezed on a quarter metre so its really cost effective to make for the little people in your life.

Fold your quarter metre in half and cut your band and brim piece.
Open your left over piece of fabric and lay it flat.  Cut out the crown piece.  The crown piece will fit in between the band and brim piece but you only need to cut one crown piece of each fabric so cutting it folded will give you two.

This is the finished product and I think it looks super cute!  It may also have something to do with my little model as to why the hat looks so good.....


Pattern and fabrics are available on my website. Just click on the links above.

Until next time :)


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous little munchkin!!She is absolutely adorable!!! Love the hat, now if I had a grandaughter I would make one. ;)
Signed, your Mother :)

twomonkeys fabrics said...

Mother, you will have to ask your other daughter for one of those because I can promise you that you wont be getting one from me:)

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha love these comments. Very cute hat too.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful wee girl great photos!