Thursday, June 2, 2011

I just wanted to be on time!!

Well I would like to say today was out of the ordinary but it wasn’t.  It was out of the ordinary being that I was meeting Pauline from Funky Friends Factory at Ikea for a morning of coffee, adult conversation and a hint of shopping but the events that unfolded leading up to getting were pretty standard.
It all started way too easy (I should have smelt a rat), Ryan slept until 6.30am which never happens and Nathan woke up relatively decent and polite and at this stage of his life is rare.  On with the morning coffee and hot milos along with abs4kids (oh how I love you).  Then it all started with breakfast, Ryan decided his wheet bix looked better on the floor than in his bowl. So I made him toast which he didn’t eat either; whatever, go hungry!  Nathan had a meltdown because I wouldn’t let him slice the avocado, he mauls the whole thing and they are two bucks each!  With breakfast over I packed lunches for kindy and nannas, then Nathan starts with the 300 questions of where I’m going and why am I packing a bag for Ryan: this leads to me telling endless lies because if I tell him Ryan is going to nannas than all hell would have broken loose! 
My Jeans aren’t dry for something different so I throw then in the dryer.  I make it to the shower for 30 seconds (any longer and the house may be burnt down), then Nathan comes running in:
Nathan: Mum, Mum its bin day, I can hear the bin truck
Me: That’s right it is bin day, that’s ok daddy always put the bins out.
Nathan: No he didn’t, I can’t see them
Me: Are you telling me the truth or are you just being silly because I’m trying to have a shower.
Nathan: No daddy didn’t put the bins out.
Dam it! So I dry myself off, throw my pj's back on and say to him if he’s telling fibs (he’s doing alot of this) than I’m going to be so mad.  Run down the hallway, stick my head out the laundry door.....He was telling the truth, Michael didn’t put the bloody bins out!!
Come back inside, Iron my jeans and make it back to the bathroom to get ready.  Make up on, hair done and I’m dressed.  My time was up as far as they were concerned and Ryan comes into the bathroom in whinge mode, put his hands up because he wants be to pick him up and wipes peanut butter all over my jeans!!  I was so pissed off; I knew I should have taken that toast off the table!  So off with the jeans and on with whatever was clean and dry.
Kids dressed, stinky nappy changed, bags packed and in the car without a minute to spare.  Man I was glad to get in the car! I just wanted to get out of the house for a while.
Then......the car wouldn’t start!!  You have to be shitting me!  Yep flat battery! What next!!  I ring mum, tell her she has to come to my place and look after Ryan so I can take her car and drop Nathan at kindy and get to Ikea.  She agrees (good on ya mum!).   I get Nathan to Kindy half an hour late and race up to Ikea and I pulled into the car park at 10.02am!  I would like to thank queensland police for that lack of police presence on the road this morning,  I will make it up to you by sticking to the speed limit from now on and if you did happen to click me than its ok, I was in mum’s carJ
After my morning of mayhem, I was keen for that coffee!  We had a lovely morning dreaming in Ikea then fabric hunting in spotlight, we need to do it again!  I was a good girl and controlled myself knowing I had to buy a battery on the way home; there goes another $160!  I had to pick Nathan up from school early because I had no other way of picking him up later, then headed home to once again....complete chaos.
How was your day?

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