Sunday, June 12, 2011

About me..

Starting my blog has meant I have had to write content for others to read for the first time in my life and I have alot to learn about creative writing.  I hope once I dust off the cobwebs and get a little bit more confident, I won’t send you to sleep.  I love reading on other peoples blogs, 100 things about me so I thought I would give you all an insight to the kind of disfunctional person I am.
 So here it goes......
 About me. 
1.       I am 30 years old.
2.       I am married to Michael. We have been married for 7 years and together for 12.
3.       I have two sons Nathan 4 and Ryan 18mths.
4.       Both my labours were too quick for any drugs and both boys were over 4kg.
5.       There is no way I am going back for a third....I made sure of that and got hubby ‘fixed up’ J
6.       My kids are chalk and cheese.  Nathan is full on and is so naughty and Ryan is a lazy little bugger! Barely gets off the lounge to play with the toys but is a stubborn little monkey.
7.       I didn’t finish school and every educational course I have taken since I left, I haven’t completed. It’s just not in me, I’m far too visual and hands on to sit in a chair and listen.
8.       I was a VERY bad teenager (ask my parents).
9.       I love sushi, I love anything with rice.
10.   I drink white but when the heat is on, anything goes.
11.   I change my hair all the time but I’m never happy with it
12.   I swear too much.
13.   I love to sew and create but listen to foo fighters and powderfinger.
14.   I’m not sure what personality I am, I have too many.
15.   I forget the shopping list every time I go shopping and get the shits before I even start.
16.   I hate any form of shopping these days, even more when I have the kids with me.  I am just not a big on shopping centres. Give me online shopping anyday!
17.   But I do love quilt shops
18.   I love to cook but hate cooking dinner.
19.   I aspire to have a sense of style but dress like a hobo and never spend money on clothes and shoes for myself.  I really want that to change (don’t we all).
20.   I love road trips. My kids are pretty good in the car if they have dvd players; I’m not one for eye spy. Those games haunt me from my childhood christmas road trips.
21.   I move around alot.  My husband works in the mines and is still looking for that greener grass which can be so frustrating.
22.   I write notes everywhere and can never find them.
23.   I have to be organised and know what I’m doing.
24.   I use the ‘forgot your password’ option alot!
25.   It took close to 3 years to fall pregnant with Nathan and it consumed 3 years of my life worrying about it. I wish I had used those child free years so much better.
26.   I am a terrible sleeper and don’t get enough of it.  I crave the day I can sleep past 6am again.
27.   Being a mother is rewarding but friggin hard work!
28.   Running a business and being a mother, wife and peace keeper is even harder.
29.   My biggest fear is failure.
30.   I am terrified of heights but want to go in a hot air balloon.
31.   I know what I want and I don’t give up until I have it.
32.   I hate fake people.
33.   I love lilies and tulips.
34.   I don’t play the “keeping up with the Jones’s” game.
35.   Some of my best friends and family live too far away.
36.   Can’t wait to travel around Australia.
37.   I only like writing on clean crisp paper. Bad for the environment I know.
38.   I really want vege gardens and chooks.
39.   I don’t have any pets, but I want to get a cat.
40.   I hate housework but can’t stand a dirty house.
41.   I drink way too much coffee.
42.   I eat heaps of chocolate.
43.   I love food! Real fresh food.
44.   I hate fast food. Not saying I don’t eat it but I don’t like it.
45.   My husband and I used to eat out all the time before we had the kids and now we never do, I miss that.
46.   I have a seafood allergy because I have had really bad seafood poisoning twice. Both times from a restaurant.
47.   I hate my teeth.
48.   Money determines everything.
49.   I hate picking up toys so I don’t... and every time I trip over them, it’s always something like buzz lightyear! Never a soft toy.
50.   I really really love fabric.
51.   And linen
52.   I love retro Tupperware, the new stuff is crap.
53.   The cost of living is more than I can afford.
54.   I hate debt, it freaks me out.
55.   I don’t really watch tv.
56.   I wish I could chill out, sit back and watch a good movie but I just don’t for some reason.
57.   I am always on a diet or thinking of diet and exercise.  It bothers me I worry so much about it but I can’t help it.
58.   I hate clutter.
59.   My kids love to dance to Pink before bed.
60.   I don’t see the attraction to having a fancy car if you can’t afford it.
61.   I worry everyday I’m not a good enough mother.
62.   I waste too much time on facebook.
63.   I love my family more than anything.
64.   I am a terrible speller.
65.   I am a no frills kind of girl.
66.   I talk too much.
67.   I am impulsive
68.   I only procrastinate the big decisions.
69.   I need to get out more.
70.   It wouldn’t hurt for me to do a bit of ironing here and there.
71.   I am a realist.
72.   I love thick soft grass under my feet.
73.   I’m a winter person.
74.   I love winter food.
75.   I am easily distracted.
76.   I say it how it is.
77.   I don’t get the turtle neck, blazer and denim look...
78.   I don’t understand how men can sit on the toilet and read for so long!!
79.   I love camping short breaks.
80.   I am a Sagittarius.
81.   I love the beach but not keen on swimming in the ocean.
82.   I love quilting more than any other form of sewing and craft.
83.   I have a new found love of photography.
84.   My kids are growing up too fastL
85.   My dream house has timber floors, white walls, and bi-fold doors with verandas that wrap the whole way around and looks over the hills or ocean....Like I said, my DREAM house.
86.   I have just discovered pinterest....more wasted time but so addictive.
87.   May I mention again, I love fabric!!
Are you all still awake?? I didn’t quite make it to 100 things but hey, no one’s perfect.   I don’t think I’m much different to most people and really not very exciting that’s for sure!  But now you know a little bit about the person behind the fabric in an online worldJ
Until next time J

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