Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So sweet

Nathan had a sleep over at his nannies last night (my mums) and I have to admit I couldn't wait for her to pick him up yesterday afternoon.
This is pretty much the only conversation I had with Nathan from the moment he woke up yesterday until mum picked him up about 2.30pm:
Nate: 6am "Mum, how long until nanny comes to get me"
Me: using all my strength to open my eyes and respond "Not until after lunch"
Nate: As the hours past he would ask around every two minutes "Mum, is it lunch time yet"
Me: Taking a deep breath with every response "No not yet. If you eat lunch early, its not going to make her come any sooner"
Nate: At lunch time...12.01pm  "Mum, I ate my lunch so pack my bag before nanny get here" he was very anxious.
Me: "Nathan, she is coming after lunch which means she will be a little while longer"
OMG the next two and a half hours felt like a lifetime!!! He just wouldn't stop asking because he was so excited.
When mum got here, I was the excited one:)
But as much a I lurve the peace and quite, you still miss them when they are gone. I still went to check on him before I went to bed out of habit and he wasn't there. Although I must say, I did indulge in a peaceful morning with just one child....bliss!
Mum said he was a total angel and did everything he was told, even went to bed on time! Why he can behave for everyone but me I just don't know... 
He made myself and his dad a special surprise.  It was all wrapped up and he was so excited to give it to me but I wasn't allowed to open it, he had to.  The whole present thing seems to go right over his head.  We keep trying to explain he cant open the presents he gives to others, just the ones given to him but he thinks he can open everything and he tells you what it is before you get a chance to see it! Oh so much to learn:)
So this was our gift.  He painted us a special coffee cup (I think he may have had a little help with the names) for each of us and they are so cute, I love them!  The perfect gift for two people that drink way too much coffee.  Next thing he will be hand painting me a wine glass.....
Such a crafty holiday project for the kids. Good on ya mum! :) Something to treasure forever.

Until next time:)

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