Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The latest addition to our family

This week saw the arrival of our first three chooks.

As much as I would love to have a sprawling chook run full of chickens living the life only a caged hen could dream of, I need to be realistic and start small.  I have never owned chooks before so I have no idea what I'm doing and to say I'm a little concerned about their well being would be putting it lightly.  Needless to say I'm so excited!! I keep going and sitting outside with my coffee and just watching them, envisioning this part of the backyard alive with self sufficiency. This is the first time we have had enough space to have cooks and big vege patches and its the best feeling know what it will one day be.
So my girls are just babies, 9 weeks old so I have a few months to wait before they start laying but its a good opportunity to get them use to the kids.  The boys love them!, we got them home and about 10 minutes later Nathan yells out "Mum!, one of the chickens just laid an egg!"  I had to laugh and have to keep telling him its going to be a while before we see our first egg.  I think he will lay an egg himself when it happens.
Then we had the fun task of naming them.  If Ryan had his way they would be called Murray, Jeff and Sam.  Nathan couldn't have cared less, he just wants to collect the eggs.  So between friends and family the suggestions we a little like this; Schnitzel, Parmigiana, roast, kebab, Kiev.  As you can see we have a poor sense of humour.  And they kept coming; Crumbed, Grilled, Fired and the list goes on.  We have settled Omlette, scrambled (the spotty one) and poached :) 
At least they will know what their job is!
This is their little hutch they will stay in until they are a bit bigger.  When they are older they will get to roam around a fenced off area through the day.  One day will will build a big run and have lots of chooks but this is perfect for now.

Until next time.


Anonymous said...

You'll love them, we love ours and they are really good at looking after themselves. Get them some straw or hay to dig around in, move the box regularly and remember, chooks never over-eat, so keep the food and water topped up at all times - oh and they eat just about anything - ours LOVE prawn shells - go figure!

Anonymous said...

Chooks and worms!! You're almost a farmer! :)
I still like Whitney, Janet and Rianna ;)