Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OPPS!! I did it again....

I have been a very good girl and made the effort to finish all my projects I had laying around before my fabrics arrive. As you can imagine, I will be super busy marketing my first range so I don’t want to have ‘unfinished business’ in the way.
But the problem is, I feel bored not having new things to create and even though I already crave more hours in the day for the essential things in life, I feel the need to start something new. I can hear you all shouting at me ‘crazy woman’ but I can’t help myself! So.... I did it again! I have started another quilt from a lonely jelly roll sitting in my stash whispering ‘make me’ every time I walk past. Yes if you neglect your fabric long enough, it will start to talk to you.... It doesn’t like to be forgotten about (a bit like husbands).
BUT, then came the problem I have with each project needing a purpose. I can’t seem to make something with passion unless it has a purpose, someone to give it to or a use for my family. So as I was ironing out the 40 strips in the jelly roll, I was feeling a little flat because I didn’t have someone to give this quilt to....and then it came to me! I have decided to make this quilt for my grandmother in Victoria. I would have to say I am the worst granddaughter in the world, so slack! My grandma sends us money for every birthday and Christmas and up until Ryan’s birthday in September last year, I have always sent her a card or given her a call. Well you’re going to hang your head in shame but I didn’t even ring her at Christmas time or in February for the money she sent for Nathans birthday. It’s terrible and I feel so guilty. I will totally understand if she has deleted me out of the will (if I was even in it lol). I kept meaning to ring her but every time I got the chance to talk to her at night, I always felt it was too late with daylight savings and time just got away from me. I really have no excuse so I thought by surprising her with a quilt in the mail, I might be able to make it up to her.
In saying this, I am really excited to start making this quilt now it has a purpose. I can’t wait to give it to her!

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