Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blah Blah Blah!

I'm not sure what my problem is today.... I have been sitting here staring at the wall for the last hour knowing I have so much to do but I just cant get off my arse and do it! Ryan is asleep and Nathan is at his nannies so I should be in go mode but I cant flick the switch. Maybe I just have too much on my mind.... we are thinking of selling the house in a dead market yes/no?? My husband wants to move back down south yes/no??? Getting my fabrics ready for release... Holy crap! alot of work behind the scenes, its not all just gorgeous fabrics. Trying to keep to an advertising budget...HA! Some days its just too much to think about. I also need to sleep... a definite yes but not as easy as it sounds:( I have to hit the kitchen and make endless amounts of food to find things my fussy eater will eat which is just so frustrating. I could make five different things and he may like one!! GRR!!
So my conclusion for today is, wait until 3pm and open a bottle of wine:P
Maybe I can find the words to write later in the week......


The O's said...

Know the feeling... finally managed to have a shower and *should* be doing my BAS (for last December) and packing orders but I am finding other things to distract me (like blogs and Facebook!!!).

As for your fussy eater... I had one, she ate nothing but chicken sausages, pasta and tomatoes for 2 years, and I mean nothing else for dinner... now, 2 years on, there is no stopping her! She has discovered MEAT in a big way, loves veges and fruit. I would stick to what he eats and not beat yourself up about it. If everyone else is enjoying colourful nice smelling meals he might ask to try someo of it. Offer a bit from your plate each night and if he says no or doesn't like it there is no loss. Get him involved with preparation if he is old enough (older than 18 months in my eyes is old enough!) get a kiddie food cutter from my shop and let him cut tomatoes and cucumber, cheese and breads... best thing we ever did... good luck and sorry for taking over your comments!

Karen4432002 said...

You have just described my morning Jodie, the 3yr old had 2 min noodles for breakfast and I didn't have the energy or motivation to argue. Hope your day gets better