Monday, May 2, 2011

Do I really need to go shopping?

Today I surprised myself.  The plan was to go and do a huge food shop because hubby was home and for me to take my boys shopping on my own I just about need a valium to survive.  My kids are just not born to shop on any scale.  So off we go and much to my disgust Woolworths was closed because it’s a public holiday in Queensland today.  I was so surprised, they normally only close on major public holidays but to spoil all my plans they were closed.  At this stage I was thinking: Oh shit the house is bare, what am I going to do now ‘WE HAVE NO FOOD!!’
Well I did what I use to do; I went home and had a big cook up.  I have become so moulded to convenience food over the years and since I have had Ryan and started my business, I am no saint in the kitchen. Martha Stewart would hang her head in shame.  I barely ever make fresh snack food anymore.  I have a pretty good stock of basics in the pantry, I always have but these days as soon as the ‘easy’ foods run out, my instant impression is we have no food, must go shopping.  Today I didn’t have a choice; the only thing open was the fruit shop and butcher so I grabbed some milk, eggs, a bit of fruit and veg and a bit of bacon from the butcher.  I’m not a fan of this particular butcher so bacon was as far as I was going in the meat dep.
Keep in mind my fridge and pantry are so empty it’s quite embarrassing but I surprised myself at what I came up with.  Once I started it was like a competition with myself to see how much I could make with next to nothing but I started running out of time and the novelty was wearing off fast. I need to wrap things up before the wiggles finished and the kids started climbing the walls. While in my Jamie Oliver mindset I realised I need to go back to having a big cook up once a week to fill the fridge with fresh cooked food.  I don’t really need to go shopping all the time to stock up on cheese sticks, muesli bars and squeeze yoghurts.  I just need to spend a bit more time back in the kitchen and meal plan like I use to.  I think I would save alot of money too!!
This is what I came up with. keep in mind I only cook what the kids will eat and I am no chef in the kitchen.  As you can see I had spring onions and chives lol J

Between all this cooking, I managed to stitch the binding on my quilt I'm trying to finish.  Some days I just outdo myself!! If only I was this productive everyday..........

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Pauline McArthur - FunkyFriendsFactory said...

If I managed to do ALL THAT I wouldn't just say I had outdone myself, I would say I'd performed a miracle!!!!! : )