Monday, May 9, 2011

What do you think???

I am making a basic quilt using just one main fabric as a trial for when my fabrics arrive. What do you think??? I think it looks quite effective:) My first release of fabrics are just individual main prints. I decided not to print coordinating prints in my first run so I could do more main prints (it’s a cash flow thing). I am going to use basics to showcase my fabrics to start with and I think it’s a good way to show you that you don’t have to use designer fabrics for everything. You can mix and match basics and get just as good a result and spend alot less. I have made this cot quilt as a trial, I just need to stitch the binding on and it’s finished. I will show you another pic later in the week (or next week, even the week after...) when it’s finished. I would love your feedback, good and bad :)

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