Monday, August 29, 2011

Floor Cushion Tutorial

I have seen alot of these around online so I thought I would give them a go because I just love them.  The way I have made them is so easy, even a beginner sewer could give it a crack!
This is what you will need for the size in this tutorial.  The finished size is approx 88cm.
1. 90cm of main fabric if its a one way print or 45cm if its a two way print (pattern runs either way).
*If you use a one way print like twomonkeys Punch Bug , you need the extra fabric to run the print all the same way but you will have lots of left overs.
2. 45cm of coordinating fabric.
3. 90cm base fabric.
4. One top button and one basic button for the under side of the cushion.
5. Doll needle (large needle used for doll making).
6. Upholstery thread or similar strong thread.
7. 1kg polyester fill.

This is my first tutorial so please leave comments asking any questions you like as I'm sure I need to improve my instruction skills.  My kids cant follow my instructions so hopefully you have a better chance:)

* I am very professional and use a roll of sandwich paper to cut patterns, you just need to tape three 90cm lengths together for this pattern.

May I just add, my cat it not allowed on my cutting bench. She was just being very naughty that night and wouldnt get out of the way. She got kicked off soon after so dont worry, when you order fabric it wont come with cat hair all over it:)

Opps I forgot to take a photo of this step: Lay your top piece on your base piece of fabric, right sides together.  Pin in place and cut out your base fabric.  Attach the top and bottom piece together leaving a good size hole to stuff you cushion.  If you make it too small, you will be stuffing it for ages.

Please note: If you are not familiar with the term ladder stitch, its a basic hand sewing stitch used to finish off items.  If you don't know how to do this then check out Youtube, there are heaps of how to's there.  Youtube is great when you want to learn new techniques.

If attaching the buttons seems strange, its a Jodie technique lol.  I find with things like this, its so much better to use the buttons to hold the tension as over time it will just pull a hole through the fabric otherwise.

Beware! Some may love them a little too much and want to take them to bed....

Just so you know, this template is not limited to this shape. This is an example of making the rounded top of the template bigger to give you a flower look. You could also make heart cushions so have a play if your feeling adventurous.  I didn't finish this cushion because I ran out of fill!

Well I hope you have enjoyed my first 'tut'.
Please share with me when you have made one on my facebook page,
I love to see peoples creations!!

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blondelizzard said...

These look great! Will be putting them on my 'to make' list!