Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life as it is....

My Mum and Dad have one of those really fancy campers that slide on the back of a ute.  Its not exactly roughing it seeing it has air con, shower, toilet, full size queen bed and the list goes on.  And it all fits on the back of a ute (something way out of my price range for the next 50 years)!  Anyway, they have sold it because they just don’t get enough time to use it.  I did offer them the kids whenever they want and Michael and I would gladly get some use out of it for them but they didn’t think it was a great idea...I thought it was!!
They sold it to a couple in their early 30’s (my age) that are going to travel around Australia.  The couple don’t have any kids or a house. Their dream is to travel around the country and surf every beach along the way.  I was not taking this information in so well when mum was telling me over the phone with my kids going crazy in the background, I just wanted to break down in jealous frenzy and scream.
This got me thinking; why is that we all choose such different paths in life.  One persons dream could be another persons misery.  Of course we all make choices that make our lives what they are but is your life what you thought it would be?  Are you a meticulous planner and know exactly where you are going or do you ‘wing it’ like me and hope for the best?  Was it always your dream to marry, have children and a white picket fence or did you desire a life of travel and free spirit from a young age?  Did you make the choices you have made because that’s what you really wanted or was it because it seemed like the right and sensible choice. 
A friend of mine from way back in my primary school days has done nothing but travel the world working on private yachts of the rich and famous since she left school, a total free spirit.  Another is a professional performer who has danced in productions all over the world.  As kids we were so much alike, grew up over the years attached at the hip yet we couldn’t have more different lives now if we tried.  Some of my friends have chosen not to have kids and have a career, others sadly couldn’t be parents and would do anything to have a family.
Whatever we choose and where ever we are at, I think its human nature to have moments when we crave the opposite life to the one we lead.  I have a wonderful husband who is willing to support the family while I build my business, two amazing (crazy mad) little boys, a beautiful house and all the health I could ask for.  I am living the dream and doing what I love but there is always a little part of me that wonders if I would have ever chosen a different path in life.  I don’t think I would have, I think I was always destined to be a mum and a wife but I still wonder.....
This brings me to another question I have been asked about a thousand times over the past few months and that is; How did you get to do what you are doing? What made you decide to print your own fabric and how do you do it?
And the answer is:
I don’t really know! I don’t have an exact black and white answer to this question.  I'm not known for my future planning in life, as I said earlier my hubby and I are pretty good with the ‘wing it’ motto and 99% of the time it just works itself out.  It started from the determination not to go back to my old day job (pharmacy) once I had the boys.  I really wanted to build a business while they were young so by the time they started school, it would be established and profitable enough that I wouldn’t have to go back to work.  Mind you I have never worked harder in my life!!  It came from journey of ideas and trials trying to find my niche in an industry I am destined to be a part of.   It hasn't come handed to me, I have worked hard, many a sleepless nights and I still have such a long way to go but I am loving it and twomonkeys has made a massive difference to my life.  I think the biggest thing is to make choices with your head and your heart.  Do the things you really want to do but don’t put anything you have and don’t want to lose at risk to reach your goal.  It may take you longer to get there but at least you have piece of mind if it doesn’t work, nothing is lost.   Draw inspiration from everywhere and keep yourself motivated, even when you feel its not worth it because it is.

So this brings me to the conclusion that the free spirited young couple about to set out on a journey of a lifetime to surf every beach in the country will have the time of their lives because that's their choice, the direction they have chosen, their destiny.
This is my life, my choices and the direction I have chosen; this is my destiny.  We don’t need to wish for better things or a different life, just love and accept the the things we have and we will all be much more content.

Until next timeJ

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