Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello Funky Friends Factory!

Today I ventured to the other side of town and spent the day at the new Funky Friends Factory shop with the lovely Pauline.  After what felt like packing up half the house and getting the kids off to daycare and Mums, I made it there on time and that never happens!! When I dropped Ryan at daycare, I had to pick up our fundraiser box full of Cadbury chocolates....well that was a bad move!! So much for picking up fresh strawberries and yoghurt on the way for a healthy morning tea! While eating our way through the box of chocolates (I really wish they would come up with a better way to raise funds, I always end up eating them) we fiddled around with the layout of the store and we were like two kids in a candy shop, it really was quite pathetic how two grown adults can have so much fun with stuffed toys...
I really had to stop stuffing around and get crackin on the fabric packin!!  I was on a bit of a time schedule to get back and pick up the boys.  It’s a lengthy commute across town, I needed a road coffee for the drive there and back with lots of good tunes for my woeful in car solo superstar singing.  I love being in the car alone J.
If you live in Brisbane, pop in and see Pauline at Old Petrie Town and get your creative fix!!  There is nothing better than touching and feeling fabric, I fall in love and can never resist...
Me lovin my fabric :)

Pauline showing me her supermodel material.

twomonkeys fabrics packed and ready to go!

This shop is coming along great! So bright and colourful.

Until next time..


Pauline McArthur - FunkyFriendsFactory said...

Hey Jodie... THANKS for a fun day, the shop looks FAB - you are welcome to drop of your lovely fabrics ANY TIME!

* I'll be OPEN for BUSINESS from September - can't wait!!!

Jenn (Bandusta Admin) said...

Wow! Looks like you both had lots of fun :).

@ Pauline - the shop looks fantastic :). Will have to drop round in Sept :).