Saturday, August 6, 2011

My work room makeover!

Considering how much time I spend in my 'room', it was well and truly time to give it a face lift! It was so drab and boring to say the least and I was still using the folding tables I bought as a 'quick fix until I get some money'.....well lets just say I never got the money.  I knew I was never going to have the time so I just had to squeeze it in between everything else.  I was hoping it would only take a few days but life got in the way and it took a week!
At first I wanted to paint it pink but I tire of pink very easily (lucky I don't have girls) so I thought about it for a week or so and thought of what and where I feel the most refreshed and inspired.  The answer to that would have to be the beach so I decided on a soft aqua colour and went from there.  I trawled eBay and found some new tables and chairs.  The sewing table was an old yellow pine colour so I came up with the wonderful idea of painting gloss.  Never.never.never again while I have two small helpers around!! I was so glad when hubby couldn't bare to watch my struggle any longer and took over, it was a nightmare and looks so dodgy but you cant see it in the photos so who cares :)  The curtains were spares I had in the linen cupboard and I stole the painting from the family room (my room is all that matters).
While I was sorting through my enormous pile of crap, I came across some samples I was sent of the new Umbrella prints range of quilters cottons and....woohoo!!!! they were perfect, exactly what I was looking for!  Once I found the fabric I was going to use I really started getting excited (fabric does that to me).  I made a new ironing board cover, some chair pads and envelope and snap lock bag organiser I could hang on the wall above my packing bench.  I found a great little rack to hang my scissors up from the kids and raided mums coffee jars for my buttons and ribbons.
So after a week of ignoring all housework and letting the kids watch a criminal amount of tv, its finished and it looks sooooo much better!! I moved  few things around to make the room work better as I only have that small space to work with.  The wardrobe is now home to half my office and more shelves of fabric and all my twomonkeys fabric takes main position next to my packing bench.

This is the end result! What do you think??

Ryan just can't help himself!
Please note:  This room will never be this tidy again!  It took a week to get it to look like this and it's already a mess:(

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Commercial Space Solutions said...

haha cute kid! Well, at least you did well in organising everything! Keep going, you are actually doing a great job! Hats off to you!